For Market Knowledge

Improved visibility of markets, whether local or global, niche or mass, improves the return from marketing activities. Consultant access to SWV eyewear and eyecare market research and technology databases facilitates the rapid development and objective assessment of strategic options.

For Teamwork

Detailed knowledge of products, services and distribution structures, simplifies briefing and accelerates results. Often working in conjunction with client personnel, the specialist team based approach quickly brings important benefits to clients.

For Analysis

Reducing complexity, spotting patterns in data, and the ability of SWV consultants to distil value from these data, separates SWV from other information gathering companies, to provide research programmes which deliver real results.

For Confidentiality

Provision of objective and confidential evaluation of business opportunities, including selling or buying companies in the European and global vision care industry, helps clients make important decisions.


Latest news from SWV

The new World Lens and Frame Demand Study of SWV is ready

2014-09-23 20:36

  • A total of 61 countries were researched.
  • They amounted to 94.6% of world GDP and represented 75% of the total population of the world. 
  • A total of 1,074 million lenses and 458 million frames were identified.
  • The number of quality ophthalmic lenses sold worldwide with data of 2013 was assessed .       
  • These lenses were broken down into four categories - single vision, bifocal, conventional progressives (traditional surfacing) and Freeform progressives (digital surfacing)
  • The lenses sold were broken down by material, Mineral, Trivex / NXT, Polycarbonate and Plastic
  • Plastic lenses were broken into three categories 1.5 Index, 1.51-1.58 Index (does not include Trivex and NXT) and 1.6+
  • The percentage of photochromic lenses sold in the country was identified.
  • The value of the ophthalmic lens market in value at net manufacturer selling prices in local currency was assessed.
  • An estimate of the number of ophthalmic frames sold by country was made.
  • The value of the ophthalmic frame market in value at net manufacturer selling prices in local currency was assessed.
  • The % of frames glazed at the optical outlet was estimated.

If you are interested in this study, please contact SWV under info@swv4u.com

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